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Get To Know Your #KTNAFA Speaker - Byron Flores

Get To Know Your #KTNAFA2020 Speaker - Byron Flores, Novartis Spain

In conversation with Byron Flores, Global Head of Digital Finance,  Novartis

Q1 – Your views on digital transformation in finance?

Digital transformation is part of our DNA in finance to drive automation and productivity. We are in the driver seat as we are the specialist in the finance processes and then, we can change and implement new technologies to excel on them. We also play a role assigning resources to growth in this area.  

Q2- How has technology enabled to minimize financial risks in your firm?

During these times, we have continued working in our homes and delivering quarterly closing for the financials. We are also using the power of big data to enhance our decisions and become a data driven company in the uncertain times.

Q3 – How is your firm managing the financial functions in disruptive times?

The unbossed culture that Novartis is implementing through these years gives the empowerment to work on our objectives even a remote location. We are also using the technology to forecast our assumptions and provide to the management the best visualization to enhance decision-making.

04 – During this Covid 19 situation, what shall firms do to manage their financial decisions efficiently?

We should be flexible but stick to our assumptions to excel in the middle term. We cannot change our assumptions every day as the news are flowing instead, we should adapt the details and look always to the same objective.

Q5 - What are some of the noticeable achievements accomplished by your firm in the finance and accounting division?

         Implementation of machine learning models with data scientists to increase business insights

         Simplification and further automation of performance management system based on SAP BPC

         Roll out of BI, Qlik and mobile apps for data visualization and analysis.

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