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Get To Know Your #KTNAFA Speaker - Ahmad Alshubbar

In conversation with Ahmad Alshubbar, Vice President, Rawabi Holding Group

Q1 – Your views on digital transformation in finance?
Digital transformation took small steps during the past couple of year, however, the COVID19 forced new norms accelerated the transformation and digital aspects became a necessity and not a privilege.

Q2- How has technology enabled to minimize financial risks in your firm?
It enabled full access to all corporate and site infrastructure during the lockdown and curfew periods, assured continuity and sustainability of our control, commitments and decision-making process via having access to live information. Efficiency and effectiveness were both maintained despite having 100% of the corporate staff working from home for months.

Q3 – How is your firm managing the financial functions in disruptive times?
Having the ready IT infrastructure, contingency plan(s) along with prudent financial policy allows you to navigate through tough times. We have been investing in cloud computing, from ERP to our daily operational requirements for the last 3 years. Today, it became handy.

Q4 – During this Covid 19 situation, what shall firms do to manage their financial decisions efficiently?
Be focused on resilient performance, agility and support value chain partners. In tough times, we all work together to survive.

Q5 – How can we advance the accounting and finance industry in the UAE and Middle East region?
Adaptation of proper planning, dynamic decision making, proper corporate governance, delegation and control mechanism.

Q6 - What are some of the noticeable achievements accomplished by your firm in the finance and accounting division?
We have been able to tap into the local sukuk market twice during the pandemic, one of 30th of March and once on the 12th of May. This would have been achievable if we didn’t eye diversification of the funding pools, plan for tough times and continue to be committed to our client.  

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